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    Drew 0-0 with Portugal (h)

    We learned that the Polish one-man forward line is pretty much nonexistent when Robert Lewandowski is not playing. He sat out the game injured. Ireneusz Jelen of Lille played instead of him and showed why he's warming the bench in France. He has scored only one goal this season. Meanwhile, the National Stadium in Warsaw opened at long last – 100 days before the first Euro game. Mobiles didn't work in the press section and there was no web access there, but I guess those are minor annoyances. Also, why Sebastian Boenisch of Werder Bremen was called up is beyond me. He didn't play competitive football for something approaching 18 months as he was injured and yet he appeared as a late sub on Wednesday. The only explanation is that we are trying to show the Germans something – they have "taken" Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose off us, so now we're "taking" Boenisch, who has played for German youth national sides. Maciej Slominski (


    Well, I guess it sounds promising...




    1. Meteorol odwilż f; the ~ has set in nadeszła odwilż!!!


    Pan W.Gzubicki wraca 21.02. Nieobecność z powodu wirusowego zapalenia oskrzeli.

    Życzymy powrotu do zdrowia.

    Uczniów zapraszamy we wtorek.



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